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September 13, 2007

School Bags 2007

I feel like I’ve written this post before, but school bags just seems to be one of those topic that no one ever gets tired of. Probably because we’re all always on the lookout for that perfect bag that is stylish yet still practical for daily wear, and the definition of stylish changes every season. So lets start.

Luckily for my wallet, my tastes and definition of style varies little over time (some may even call me boring). So for me, the perfect bag for school is still the tote. This year I’ve gotten even more classic and have switched from my printed Coach tote to this classic black nylon Prada tote. Coach is still high on my list, but the one I had was suede and just a little too seasonal for me- I may bring it back out come winter. The black Prada one on the other hand would last me all year, rain, snow or shine, AND it is easier on my poor lopsided shoulder than the Coach. Another similar choice to the Prada that is cheaper but just as classic is of course the Longchamp bag. I’m aware that this has been on the “list” year after year now, but what can I say, some things never change.

Just because it is still high on my list, I’m still going to include a Coach tote here. And to spice up the tote mix a bit, I’m going to throw in this lovely Kate Spade creation, simple but elegant.

Going a little funkier, I am loving these bags from UO(left) and Top Shop (right). The print makes it retro and the color makes it versatile. Plus, its big and very shoulder wearable. I hate those bags that I can’t put on my shoulders!

Something trendier, I am sure you’ve all seen the Prada messenger in magazines everywhere. The first thing that pops into mind when I see this style bag is- school! I wonder if my mom has one hidden away somewhere that I can “borrow”……….for a similar plain, lightweight messenger bag that is more affordable, there is my other school bag brand favourite- Le Sportsac (right).

And to get the best of the two worlds, there are these bags from UO. I am especially loving the electric blue (though I think the site calls it purple??!) messenger bag. its sooo this season! Anyways, I’m off. Have a stylish school year everyone!

Ps. The Prada tote is also great for work. Flights. All occasions really:)

PPs. I think you’re right and next time I am going back to my old hair salon. Even with the DVD player, it doesn’t compare to new salon doesn’t compare.

Image Source: Coach, Saks, Kate Spade, Longchamp, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop and Le Sportsac

Bénédiction des sacs d’école 2007

Dimanche 16 septembre 2007- Avec la rentrée scolaire, revient la bénédiction des sacs d’école. C’est tout joyeux que les écoliers et les écolières ont déposé leur sac au pied des marches de l’autel.

Lors du partage de la Parole, les questions de notre pasteur, Michel Ayotte, ont donné lieu à des échanges animés. Il s’est ensuivi une explication du sens à donner à la bénédiction des enfants et de leurs sacs.

Durant la bénédiction, certains enfants ont fermé leurs yeux pour mieux intérioriser. Puis, Ghislaine, Josée et Louise leur ont ensuite remis un macaron, symbole de joie et rappel de la présence de Jésus. Chacune et chacun a pu le ranger dans son sac comme aide-mémoire que Jésus l’invite à être heureux et à rayonner de la joie quotidiennement.





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